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Belt Conveyors

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Our product line for conveyors include: Hi Roller, York, Union Iron and Lambton Conveyor to fit a variety of applications.

Hi Roller Enclosed Belt Conveyors

This conveyor features a unique, totally enclosed belt that contains dust and spilled materials which automatically reload back onto the belt.

Will outwear and outlast competing conveyors, takes less maintenance than competitive models, available in belt widths from 18” to 54″, features a spool shaped idler that forms a trough for the conveyor belt, idler bearings are mounted externally.

Idlers are easily adjustable for belt alignment, no ledges or brackets for material to build up. No internal brackets for product to build up on, no exposed internal bearings, totally enclosed, bottom lined with Antistatic UHMW plastic, self-cleaning, unique fastening system that allows the UHMW Bottom Liner to remain flat even though it may expand or contract due to variations in temperature, easily removable covers for inspection and maintenance and easily removable side mounted inspection doors.

Batco Belt Conveyors


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