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Our line of grain dryers includes products from Neco, Stormor and Lambton to fit the needs of a variety of operations.

Stormor bins feature G-115(Z350)

Galvanization on all outer roof sheets and most raftered components, leading to 27% longer life on areas exposed to the elements. Components that require welding are not galvanized, but are powder coated for optimal protection.  30° roof slope helps void debris and snow from the roof system, without increasing overall bin height.

Temperature cable brackets are easily added to raftered roofs with minimal expense. ƒ Powered roof exhausters are easily added with trouble-free installation on site.

Neco dryers

Featuring screenless operation, no wasted time or money constantly unplugging screens, average of 1-2 pounds heavier test weight per bushel than screen dryers. Savings that add up! Computerized moisture control prevents over-drying.

Save up to 9-cents per bushel! Remote monitoring eliminates the time and expense of “dryer-watching”. Effectively dries all types of grain. The only dryer you’ll ever need. At 60-70 decibels, NECO’s mixed flow grain dryer is nearly 50-percent quieter than axial fans.


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