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Our product line for farm bins include products from:


It features the strongest, highest-rated roof system in the industry Their roof systems meet the industry’s highest load ratings for wind and snow, for non-structured roofs—and they have the documented engineering data to prove it. G-115 galvanization throughout for longer life, every roof, sidewall and hopper they make uses G-115 galvanization, which adds up to 27% longer life than competitors who settle for G-90. Industry-leading bin safety equipment & accessibility.

From sturdy ladders and stairs to roomy access doors— everything they do is focused on making your grain storage system as safe and easy to use as possible. These features can help you comply with OSHA guidelines. Commercial grade quality at an affordable price.

Their on-farm storage systems are rugged, reliable and long-lasting—providing outstanding performance and value over the long haul. Every grain bin is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Lambton-built grain bins

Come with standard construction that provides G115 (350 grams/M2 of zinc) galvanized steel with 28% more zinc protection than traditional bins, larger 44” sidewall sheets with 4” corrugation improves grain flow, increases vertical strength and reduces build time, access doors with 44″ or 66″ opening with bin step as standard.

A 32.5o roof angle is standard for both structured and non-structured models with peak load capacities engineered as needed from 4 K to 30 K and farm-stiffened grain bins feature an innovative swedged joint that eliminates stiffener splices and reduces build costs.

All designs stress tested with accurate calculations for wind, rooftop equipment loads and snow loads

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