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Hopper Bins

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With Capacities up to 55,000 BU (1,500 MT), Lambton grain storage systems are designed to last longer.

• G115 galvanized construction*
• 4″ wide corrugation
• JS1000 plated hardware
• 32.5° roof design
• Bulk feed tanks also available


Large hopper bins from MFS/Stormor are engineered and built to provide optimum protection, ease of use and outstanding strength and reliability.

The perfect solution for:

  • Grain storage
  • Seed storage
  • Wet holding in front of a dryer
  • Load-out tank applications

All large hopper bins offer these powerful benefits:

  • Capacities from 1,400 (36.6 m/ton) bushels up to 6,400 (161.5 m/ton) bushels
  • Industry-leading MP+ roof system used on all hopper tanks 15’ to 21’ (4.57 m to 6.40 m)
  • G-115 galvanization for up to 27% longer life than competitors who settle for G-90
  • Common sense design features that protect grain and improve load-out
  • A steep 45° slope for fast and complete load-out

Options available:

  • Roller valves
  • Rack & pinion gates
  • 4”, 6” & 8” auger boots
  • Aeration kits
  • Sidewall ladder kits
  • Safety cages for taller bins
  • Roof ventilation

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