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U-trough Unload Systems

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Our product line of U-trough Unload systems includes products from Norstar to fit a variety of applications.

The U-Trough FS (Farm Series) is Norstar’s standard unloading system. Tried and tested on the market for over a decade, Norstar unloads provide efficiency and operational safety in clean-out.

The permanently installed gear-driven sweep is fully integrated with the U-Trough to create a complete system that is easily operated from outside of the bin. Norstar’s Widemouth Center Sump increases takeout capacity while our SureGrip™ Wheel ensures sweep traction and forward motion. When you choose a Norstar U-Trough, you get market-leading quality that gives you market-leading results. Key features include U-trough capacity up to 10,000+ BPH, sweep up to 4,600 BPH, sweep sizes of 7 ¼ or 9’’, U-trough sizes of 8’’, 11” or 14 “ and compatible bin diameters of 14’-50’.

Norstar’s Farm Series U-Trough Unload System features a permanently installed gear-driven sweep that is engaged by a shifting lever located at the Powerhead of the U-Trough. The U-Trough flighting drives the sweep through a double gearbox with the whole unit being powered by a single motor, providing excellent operational efficiency.

The SureGrip™ is Norstar’s exclusive gear reduction wheel that provides increased sweep traction with its 18” vulcanized rubber design. With a 16:1 gear reduction, the SureGrip™ ensures positive traction and forward movement of the sweep into the grain.

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